University of Miskolc (UniMi)

The University of Miskolc has eight faculties, over 14000 students and 1500 full time academic staff. The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Miskolc is one of the oldest university faculties of Hungary (founded in 1735), while preserving its abundant experience obtained in various branches of metallurgy, has also conquered new fields (energy management, ceramic and silicate technology, quality assurance, nanotechnology, polymer technology, and chemical industrial technology) in response to changes in the last decades. The Faculty has extensive international cooperation and strong industrial partnerships. Research projects and programs are carried out in a wide range of fields of materials sciences.

Role in the project

WP3 – UniMi will contribute to the thermodynamic modelling, and selection of possible materials and alloy design (Prof. G. Kaptay)
WP4 – UniMi will contribute to experimental approach for severe plastic deformation (ECAP, Multiple Forging, Caliber rolling, Differential speed rolling) and other forming equipments (hydraulic and mechanical presses, sheet and strip rolling mill, wire drawing machine), and FEM simulation of material processing (MSC Marc and Simufact) (Dr. Gy Krállics).
WP4 – UniMi will also contribute to experimental approach for produce crystalline amorphous composite materials by rapid solidification and powder milling and perform solidification in highly stirred metal melt using rotating or travelling magnetics fields (Prof A. Roósz)
WP5 – UniMi will contribute to multiscale characterization of microstructure and thermal, mechanical properties of synthesized materials.(Prof Z.Gácsi)
WP6 – UniMi will contribute to implement dissemination activities


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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