Introduction of new material in space - Qualifaction testing needs
- Michael Scheerer
Current advances and emerging needs in aeronautical materials: could nanocrystalline alloys offer the desired breakthrough?
- Prof. Spiros Pantelakis
Space engineering Process of satellite hardware development
- Tamás Bárczy
Brazing of SiC materials for space applications
- Valérie Chaumat
Material developments for space applications
- Prof. Pal Bárczy
Benefit of extreme Pressure in Materials Science P<5GPa
- Dr. Alain Largeteau
Materials for extreme conditions: High temperature corrosion and steel design
- Peter Szakálos
Best available methods for developing ceramic coatings for high temperature applications
- Adrian Mihail Motoc
Materials consolidation by high pressure in solid and liquid medium for extreme conditions
- Dr. Mythili Prakasam
You need more space - Viewing beyond
- Frank M. Salzgeber
Toward frictionless engineering surface
- Tomáš Polcar
Micro-Manufacturing: Products, Research, Applications and Trends
- Professor Yi Qin
Advanced Ceramics for Energy and Nanomechanical Methods for in-situ characterization and residual stress estimate
- Antonio Rinaldi
Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques for Metallic Materials: Potentials and Limits
- Marcello Cabibbo
Corrosion tests for metals and alloys
- Michele Mascia
and Annalisa Vacca
High-Energy Ball Milling: a powerful technique for the synthesis of new alloys and nanostructured materials
- Sebastiano Garroni
From Impact to Business
- Andrea Kurz
Funding Opportunities for Young Researchers: How to find the Programmes and grants that better suit you
- Marina Urbina
Application of the nano-Calphad method to select stable binary nano-crystalline alloys
- George Kaptay



Technical & Scientific coordination: Dr. Santiago Cuesta López (ICCRAM, General Manager)
Technical organization: Iris García and Gloria Rodríguez (ICCRAM, R&D Project Managers), Apostolos Chamos, Kyriaki Panagopoulou and Clio Drimala (EASN TIS)


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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