Universidad de Burgos (UBU)

Universidad de Burgos (UBU)-ICCRAM, a privileged research and innovation core, integrating an International Excellence Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies (ICCRAM), and a competence Center dedicated to advanced industrial technologies. ICCRAM takes part in several Action Groups (i.e. 1.8 SUBST-EXTREME, 1.7 RESET) within the European Innovation Partnership in Raw Materials, and the proposed Knowledge and Innovation Community from the EIT (KIC-Raw). ICCRAM is coordinating CRMs, industrial, and resource efficiency strategy in Castilla y Leon region (Spain). UBU-ICCRAM is a key agent in the RIS3 plan of Castilla y León. UBU-ICCRAM, as well as founder member of industrial clusters such as CYLSOLAR (Castilla y Leon Renewable Energy and Energy solutions industrial cluster) and CBECyL (cluster of capital goods and industrial auto-mation of Castilla y León), with a strong alliance with large scale industrial associations like SERCOBE (National Associa-tion of Manufacturers of Capital Goods) or international organizations like EU-NANOFUTURES.

Universidad de Burgos (UBU)-ICCRAM has expertise at two levels of the value chain: Design and testing of the product (multiscale modelling, computer integrated engineering of the product, materials testing, eco/nano-toxicity) and at the Innovation level (dilated experience in contact with industry to develop and implement technological solutions).

Role in the project

WP2 – UBU-ICCRAM will manage the full structure of the project, and will coordinate the different tasks, taking care of providing timely all the deliverables.
WP3 – UBU-ICCRAM contributes in the exploration of new alloys, definition of the families and their constituents. Discovery and understanding the new alloys by multiscale modelling: In particular DFT refining and Molecular Dynamics of grain boundaries. Contribute to anticipate operation by Finite element Analysis.
WP5 – UBU-ICCRAM will contribute to the analysis of the physicochemical properties of the new alloys (XRD, AFM, TERS, RAMAN …) and to their irradiation in their facilities (UBU-CENIEH) and large scale infrastructures (singular facilities at the National Accelerator Centre in Spain).
WP6 - UBU-ICCRAM will contribute in communicating results to the society, and train new generations (Early Stage Researchers) in the discovery fundaments in which ICARUS relies.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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