Join the ICARUS supported workshop on "Computational Methods for 2D materials"

The ICARUS Consortium is delighted to invite you to participate in the workshop “Computational Methods for 2D materials” that will be held at the premises of University of Burgos in Burgos, Spain from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th of June, 2019.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student in Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Material Science related areas? The workshop on “Computational Methods for 2D materials” is addressed to you.

Through this event students and researchers will have the opportunity to be specifically trained on innovative technologies such as the Quantum Espresso, a useful DFT based tool for calculations at the nanoscale (brief introduction ) and ORCA, a quantum chemistry program suitable for the study of interactions of molecules with 2D materials and its spectral manifestations (detailed view).
Combined with sessions about computational tools, lectures on 2D materials will be given by leading researchers in this field. The workshop also includes an attractive social programme thought to ease the interaction between participants on a cultural, scientific and leisure basis.

Students will have free registration to the meeting that includes all meals, and will only have to pay for their travel and accommodation. The event is supported by the ICARUS and SOLUTION Consortiums and it will be officially recognized by the University of Burgos under the European Transfer Credit System (number of credits to be approved)

Due to the limited capacity of the event pre-registration is required. FREE Early Bird Registration deadline: 1st June2019

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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