BRIMATECH is ESA broker in Austria and thus partner in ESA’s technology transfer programme. The company BRIMATECH is a market research organisation focusing on technology intensive business to business markets. Services include: analysis of user needs and requirements, analysis of the innovation environment, assessment of innovations from user perspective, technology transfer, and analysis of technology fields for authorities.

BRIMATECH’s target groups include national and international research and development consortia, policy decision makers with a focus on technology, research organisations, industry, and start-up companies. The BRIMATECH team has in-depth experience with a variety of market research methodologies tailored for technology markets and an extensive international network, mainly in the field of space, aeronautics, nanotechnology, security and mobility.

Role in the project

BRIMATECH has experience in coordinating national projects and participating in ESA, OECD and EU projects (FP6 and 7). Tasks typically covered by BRIMATECH are the analysis of user needs and requirements, the analysis of the innovation environment, of the commercial feasibility of products and services and of the acceptance of stakeholders in the value chain. These activities are complemented by typical dissemination tasks like organising workshops and conferences and the provision of communication means.

In ICARUS, BRIMATECH will provide the link to the ESA Technology Transfer Office and to the network of 14 ESA brokers, which is in close contact not only to European space industry but also to other important industry in their countries.

BRIMATECH will involve senior management and experienced staff with an excellent background in socioeconomic analysis and in qualitative and quantitative research methods. Others have a background in nanotechnology projects for OECD or are skilled in organising large conferences.

WP2 – BRIMATECH will fulfil the required reporting and coordination tasks.

WP6 – BRIMATECH will manage dissemination and exploitation in ICARUS. Needs and requirements of the space sector will be assessed and possibilities of expanding to other industries will be investigated. Partners will be supported in their dissemination activities and a conference / workshop for the space sector will be organised.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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