ADMATIS now characterizes itself as a Hungarian engineering company, mainly sub-prime, coordinating and managing space industry related projects from the mechanical/thermal design to the manufacturing and test phase, meeting all documentation and configuration requirements. The team at ADMATIS is able to serve CAD design, FEM modelling with components optimization, clean room activities, assembly, precision 3D measurement and thermal imaging. The company is also active in material science and focuses on surface treatments and several potential metal foam applications. ADMATIS has been designing, developing and delivering space qualified (TRL9) equipment for the space industry since 2009.

The company possesses AS9100 and ISO9001 quality management system since 2010.

Role in the project

ADMATIS contribution to consortia is covering the following issues:

  • at the early stage of the project in the definition phase Admatis will be one responsible for space environment definition focusing on satellite business. This task helps the scientist team in the selection of alloy families.
  • also in the early stage Admatis helps to define the key physical parameters of materials that play important role in space material selection. This task helps the scientist team in the optimization process in the development phase.
  • Admatis will study the applicability of developed materials in engineering point of view.
  • Engineering support for scientists in order to be able to utilize the R&D results.
  • Admatis will be responsible for designing a pilot application. By the end of the project this part/equipment/cover layer will be built by consortium representing the potential application of scientific results.
  • Admatis will play a role in the verification process with some measurements of manufactured items.
  • Admatis will give inputs to demonstrating the other application fields and cross sectional effects.
  • Admatis will play a role in the dissemination of results within space community.

ADMATIS expertised in mechanical and thermal design, analysis, production, assembly and test for flight hardware in last decade. Most of our employees are engineers completed with scientists. Our support was used by Airbus Defence & Space and ESA with great satisfaction.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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